Commercial Services

Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage:

After significant Fire and Smoke Damage your business or building can cease operation for a consequential amount of time. Hiring the right disaster restoration company to manage your demolition, mitigation, restoration and reconstruction will ensure your commercial property returns to pre-loss condition in a swift and reliable manner.

Commercial Water Damage:

Water losses often causes significant damage that is not visible immediately. This water damage typically spreads and affects materials that is susceptible to warping, oxidation, microbial growth and overall structural damage. Hiring the right water restoration company is vital to ensuring your business/building returns and maintains its pre-loss condition. It requires an expert to assess, demolish, mitigate, restore and reconstruct your building/business without compromising the longevity and stability of your building.

Commercial Storm/Physical Damage

Storm/physical damage losses can cause physical, water, ice, mold and even smoke damage. This damage needs to be assessed, removed and reconstructed as soon as possible to mitigate any further damage. The nature of storm damage is unpredictable and hiring an experienced and resourceful disaster restoration company that is capable of handling any size job is paramount to getting your building back to pre-loss condition.

Commercial Large Loss Division:

Our Commercial Large Loss Division is equip to handle any size restoration job in a swift and reliable manner. From large multi-unit structures, commercial warehouses and skyscrapers; our team will get the job done. We have dedicated, experienced project managers and technicians standing by to get your building back in business; you can count on our team to always answer the call and provide any support you need.

Our Commercial Process:


Demolition is a crucial step to getting your business/building back to an operable state. Demolition consists of assessing and removing all of the severely damaged materials from the salvable materials/areas. The damaged materials must be removed and disposed of as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage.


Restoration is an important step to ensuring your building is structurally sound and prepared for reconstruction. After demolition having an expert assess the remaining scorched/saturated/damaged material and restoring that material will ensure the structural integrity of your building remains in-tact. Ice blasting, smoke sealing and other restoration practices will protect the material from losing integrity or degrading due to fire, water or storm damage.


Once demolition, mitigation and restoration has been completed our team will begin reconstruction. This step in the process will consist of replacing/rebuilding all of the damaged materials/areas. During this time all building codes, engineering and materials will be updated to the current standard/code. This will also be the time for our team to make any changes or additions to the building requested by the owner or insurance.

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